Dog Trainer School

Are you interested in becoming a dog trainer? This is an excellent option for you!  


Instructor: Susan Bass has over 30 years of canine instruction and training experience in diverse canine training disciplines. She has certificates of training and years of canine field experience with Search and Rescue, Police work dogs, Field trial retrievers, Service dogs since 1993 (Mobility, Brace, Hearing alert, Allergen detection, Medical alert, Psychological, Autism) and other specially trained type dogs for persons with disabilities. Susan was the Director of the Dept of Defenses Service Dog Training Center "AIMHI" Animals In the Military Helping Individuals from 1997-2003. She is a rare civilian that certified as a Military Working Dog handler and was a certiifier for Dept fo Defence Explosive, Drug and Patrol dogs. Her personal favorite breed is the French hearding dog the Beauceron. 


Courses Available


  • Dog Obedience Instructor Training Certificate Course (DOIT)

  • Service Dog Instructor Training Course (SDIT)

  • SDIT Section 1 Pre-requisite for all section

  • SDIT Section 2 Psychological, Counter Balance, Therapeutic

  • SDIT Section 3 Mobility

  • SDIT Section 4 Hearing

  • SDIT Section 5 Seizure Medical Response/Alert

  • SDIT Section 6 Diabetic Medical Alert

  • SDIT Section 7 Allergen Medical Alert